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TrackChain technology has revolutionized the way companies manage their logistics.
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Why are we here?

We are Eduardo Narvaez CEO and Hugo Alvarez COO, Co-Founders of TrackChain. We come from a family of carriers and have been in the logistics industry for over 20 years. We know exactly who we are building for and we feel responsible to provide them with the best experience.

We built TrackChain because the shipment management process is long, manual and terribly antiquated. Traditionally, shippers and carriers operate within a fragmented network of some 15,000 freight brokers, each of whom is responsible for matching carriers with potential freight shipments. Most of these arrangements are made by e-mail, telephone and, some, still by fax, taking hours or days to confirm. When it comes to both sides of the border (USA-MEX) it is even more complex.

At TrackChain, we are changing that. We believe people shouldn't have to struggle to do simple things like get a freight quote from a reliable carrier, track a shipment while it's in transit, and manage their documents and payments in a secure and hassle-free way.

We build technology designed to empower our LatAm region, everything we do is an effort to make our logistics resilient, transparent and sustainable in a faster-changing world. With equipment and technology coming together to push the boundaries of what is possible, we challenge what has been the status quo for decades with a new logistics infrastructure for this era.

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