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The easiest way to keep your truck full

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Our patented smart routing algorithm reduces your empty trucks.

Smart matching

The requests are made according to the capacity, location, rate and type of unit configured.

Attractive prices

Our precise matching technology lets us to offer you attractive prices directly from the market.

Saves time

You can reduce the time it usually takes to dispatch your fleet by brokering loads 24/7.

Agile and effective monitoring of accounts receivable. Timely payments.

Faster payment than the industry average

When you book a load through TrackChain: Get paid fast with digital PODs and payments via direct deposit.

Track, manage, and reconcile invoices easily

Algorithms classify load docs automatically, so invoices are processed and paid quickly.

Pilot Rewards

Get rewards for every load you deliver on time, a bonus for a great job!

TrackChain gives you access to free tools and integrations to transform your transportation business.

Free Truck Management system

Optimize dispatching, reduce overhead costs and scale trucking fleets

Integrate your tracking devices

Manage unlimited GPS, telemetry, ELD and IoT devices without cost.

Smart billing system

Automated invoice and bill of lading generation with new regulatory requirements in seconds.

A user-friendly and agile operator experience

Incident log

Records incidents supported by photographic evidence in real time.

Access to documentation

Access shipment documentation such as waybill and proof of delivery.

Capture of proof of delivery

Collect photographic evidence of signed proofs of delivery in a fast and friendly manner.

Equipment and capacities

We have the right loads for you, depending on your needs, single or full.